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What We Do - recapitalization loans, business loans and acquisition financing

Banking Business is an online loan and financing company owned by Premiere Lender.

Premiere Lender focuses on matching borrowers with potential lenders in the field of business loans, business financing, corporate lines of credit and acquisition financing. We were founded by an established investment banking firm, in business since 1980.

We receive more than $1 Billion in business loans and acquisition financing requests monthly.

Types of Business Loans:

Asset - based facilities on a fully secured basis and Cash flow based business credit facilities

Refinancing and restructuring of business loans and corporate loans, Management and Leveraged Buyouts, Recapitalizations, Merger Financing, Business Acquisition Financing, New Business Lines of Credit

Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Machinery & Equipment, Real Estate, and / or Stock and Bonds

All types of Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, and Service companies - Public and Private

Companies with Annual Sales of $2 million - $100 million and more

Secured Lines of Credit from $1 million to $25 million and more

Companies that are highly leveraged, have or had financial losses, low or negative net worth (equity), and / or with poor historical performance. Also companies experiencing a leveraged buyout, management buyout, acquisition, recapitalization, restructuring, or turnaround situation, debtor-in-possession, sub-prime and non-prime business loans, or companies in a growing mode where sales and asset growth are ahead of working capital needs.

If you are a prospective client that fits within these financing requirements, please use our secure Contact Us form for a rapid confidential response.

Member, Better Business Bureau - AAA Company Rating

Premiere Lender® is a Registered Trademark

Better Business Bureau

Why You Should Hire Us - experience and superior results

Premiere Lender is committed to a strategy of assisting good companies to achieve their business loans and new financing objectives. We succeed in arranging difficult financings quickly because of our unique combination of corporate finance and restructuring expertise.

Many of our client companies have losses, high leverage and other financial and credit problems. Our expertise is in accounts receivable, inventory, machinery & equipment, real estate, and all types of asset-based financing. This includes intangible assets too like goodwill and privately held and insider stock mainly used as security.

Our lenders are the most aggressive bankers nationwide. They work with us year after year to fund our clients special financing requirements, no matter how difficult. Our bankers call us on a monthly basis to update our database with their financing capabilities and requirements. These business loans include accounts receivable, inventory, machinery & equipment, term loan, real estate, public stock, and acquisition financing. We also arrange financing for a company to emerge from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. We finance management buyouts to take public companies private.

We have established relationships with senior credit officers at the nationwide banks, regional banks, local banks, finance companies, insurance companies, and pension funds who review and approve our client referrals quickly. They seek out our clients for their financial institutions.

We have close business relationships with the following financial institutions:

Bank of America
UBS PaineWebber
Wells Fargo Bank
Norwest Bank
U. S. Bank
Key Bank
Comerica Bank
Bank One
Sumitomo Bank
Tokai Bank

First Bank
Sanwa Bank
Provident Bank
National City Bank
I N G Bank
Fleet Bank
Mercantile Bank
Emprise Bank
Chase Bank

Union Bank
Commerce Bank
Hibernia Bank
Wachovia Bank
Harris Bank
Merrill Lynch
U. S. Bancorp
KPMG International
SunTrust Bank
G E Capital
City National Bank

Who We Are - 25 years of business success

James Matzdorff, our Managing Director and founder, is an experienced and highly qualified investment banker, graduating from the University of Southern California's Business School with a BS degree in Corporate Finance as well as earning an MBA degree in Corporate Finance from Loyola University's Graduate School of Business. James is in Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and in many honor societies as well as Who's Who in Finance and Who's Who in America.

Mr. Matzdorff received his Corporate Finance and Commercial Lending training at Bank of America in the seventies and proceeded to establish JAMES A. MATZDORFF & CO. over two decades ago in 1980.

We have information about our Company published in The Corporate Finance Sourcebook, Pratt's Guide to Venture Capital, Merger and Acquisition Sourcebook, Venture Magazine, Los Angeles Business Journal, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and many other financial publications and reference books.

We arranged over $2 Billion in new business loans, acquisition financing, and lender commitments for companies nationwide.

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